Leveraging technology to streamline the supply chains to expedite production, provide direct-to-consumer distribution, redefine in-store and online shopping experiences, and customization.


Technology trends in apparel manufacturing indicate that the future of apparel manufacturing looks bright.

Today, fashion technology is growing at a faster pace than ever. Fashion has always been at the forefront of innovation — from the invention of the sewing machine to the rise of e-commerce. Like tech, fashion is forward-looking and cyclical. Robots that sew and cut fabric, AI algorithms that predict style trends, clothes to be worn in virtual reality — an array of innovations show how technology is automating, personalizing, and speeding up the fashion space.

The costs of starting a fashion brand have gone down significantly, thanks to technology and e-commerce. Now, startups make it simple for small labels to find small-batch manufacturing partners that can meet their needs at scale, with transparent standards around pricing and sourcing.