IT Consultancy

We offer a standard as well as a completely customizable integrated solution that includes everything a financial firm needs: custom application, trading technology, back office, support and configuration, liquidity, legal, operational compliance and real-time monitoring and training.

Digital Marketing

Our firm focuses exclusively on helping companies improve overall performance and grow revenue and market share through end-to-end sales and marketing solutions—from customer insights and strategy to analytics, operations and technology.


Kapsus partners with clients during all parts of the process, from analyzing issues to implementing solutions. Within each of these areas, we collaborate, ideate on possible solutions, develop expertise and make use of processes and tools that maximize efficiency.


Turnkey Solutions

Full cycle of web-related technologies to Appeal ⇢ Entice ⇢ Support ⇢ Retain ⇢ Expand and Develop your internet powered financial company.

Next Steps...

No matter the size of your business establishing a strong financial company is an integral part in KapSus Technologies.